What I Do

I help people get inspired to cook healthy, tasty food for themselves and those they love.  I’ll come to your home and work one on one – or in a group of your choosing.  I work with you at your level of expertise – from beginner to experienced – we cook the food you want to cook and have fun doing it!

Want to try a new cuisine – Indian, Italian, Thai? 

Want to discover what gluten-free baking is all about?

Want to know how to prepare healthy, tasty food for one (or two)?

Want to get some healthy, yummy dinner on the table in 30-45 minutes?

Wondering how to negotiate your local Farmer’s Market and prepare delicious, seasonal foods? 

Want to learn to use spices to freshen up your cooking?

I can help! I’m passionate about healthy living and great tasting food.  And I want to share that passion with you, by helping you embrace a positive, healthy relationship with food!  Using your individual nutritional needs and lifestyle choices as guidelines, you can learn to prepare tasty, healthy food in a fun, supportive environment.  Services I offer include:

  • Assistance in navigating the grocery store/farmer’s market/etc. (where’s the healthy stuff?)
  • Aid in deciphering Nutritional Labels and determining appropriate portion sizes
  • Tweaking an existing eating plan – or designing a new one
  • Setting up (or redesigning) a kitchen for ease of use
  • “Lightening up” your favorite recipes
  • Help in acquiring better cooking skills
  • Assistance in making healthier choices when dining out

Just hit me with an email at bewellavl@gmail.com  and let me know how I can help you move forward in better health and wellness!

Janet Oliver

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