I did something last Friday that I never, ever thought I would do. I took a private baking class. Yeast has alluded my feeble attempts on several occasions. When offered this opportunity to learn something that had stumped me, I jumped at the offer.

When I walked into the kitchen, I knew I was in the hands of a born teacher. There were ingredients sitting out in perfect order. And two freshly baked boules of bread.  It was a thorough kinesthetic experience. Seeing, smelling, and tasting before the lesson began. Then hands on instruction with verbal evaluation. Honestly, this recipe and it’s methods guarantees success but having a natural teacher who guided me through each phase made all of the difference.
This is not the last cooking class I intend to take from Janet Oliver. – D

I love the new recipes you’ve introduced to our family!  Even the kids are trying new tastes. – I

We had such fun in our cooking class!  Janet’s enthusiasm and love for cooking is obvious. – J

Thanks for inspiring me to eat healthy and get creative. – A.

“What a treat it was to receive a cooking lesson from Janet!  With gracious encouragement she helped me learn to prepare a beautiful and delicious dinner.  It was easy, fun, and left me much more confident about the whole cooking experience.”   – E.

“Janet knows so much about making food delicious and making the experience of cooking delightful.  She was a warm and patient teacher, responsive to whatever I wanted to learn.  She brought everything needed and in the end we enjoyed the reward of a wonderful dinner!”  – B

” You have such a beautiful passion for this.   In just one afternoon, we had laughter, tears, we made food.  The leftovers were delicious too! I am now using those basic skills you showed me.  It is amazing how much confidence I gained in my kitchen after that one day. I am not afraid to try things and look up recipes and experiment anymore!”    – L

“I took your class to rehab my cooking skills and was fired up and inspired from the beginning.  Thanks for making this so much fun! –  O


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