Spring Is Here! Let’s Mezze around

Spring is popping all around Asheville.  The Farmer’s markets are opening and everyone is eager to start shopping for new, fresh tastes.  I’ve spent time this Winter working on a new class, which I’m calling “Mezzing Around”.  The class will feature middle eastern cuisines.

Mezze translates loosely as “to taste”. Middle Eastern food features some of the most flavorful dishes in the world – with the emphasis on fresh ingredients, healthy oils and aromatic spices.

Most of us know Tabbouleh and Hummus. But what about Dolma, Labneh, and Mercimek Koftesi (Turkish red lentil meatballs)? In this class we’ll make small plates, dips, spreads, and salads from Middle Eastern cuisines such as: Lebanese, Persian, Turkish and Albanian.

While there may be chicken in some recipes, vegetables feature prominently in a meze, so vegetarians will be most welcome!  More information on the upcoming Fall class can be found by clicking on the “Classes” tab above.  However, I think it would be wonderful with Spring and Summer tastes from the Farmer’s market.  If you’re interested in setting up a class, just give me a ring.

I hope you’re getting the Spring mood too and beginning to cook up some wonderful tastes!